Creative Elements Assignment – Week 2 – Build A World – First Hand Imagery For Inspiration

This morning i awoke and decided to take the Dogs out for a walk to start my day of in hope to find some interesting things that could influence me and what i could bring to the group for our morning meet up.


Stepping outside the door i looked down at the misty grass and standing alone was a dandelion, i thought maybe a micro world could live inside that little ball of life or perhaps the dandelion could sprout its seeds and awake a species that seeks to live in world that only they has access to?

Imagine that under the white “clouds” of this world lies a seed like civilization that seek to do nothing more than to reproduce and increase the numbers of their population, pretty primal although all things started of at this concept, even us Humans.


After arriving to a local forest park i noticed some vine like foliage wrapping around a fence which i love to see, mother nature kicking our man made creations asses and taking back her land! I just love looking at these sort of views and imagining how much more of an effect it would have if Humans were suddenly out of the equation, i mean look at this water mill that once stood as one of Antrim’s ways of conducting electricity and now that it has no use to us it is slowly but surely being engulfed by natures roots awaiting the inevitable consumption by the Earth!

(Who would think this was once a watermill?)


I feel when walking in a forest to leave the trail and go your own way, that way you’ll find a more beautiful prospective of the forest and i felt i hit lucky today, there was a flat area with a lovely ambiance to the area, sun light shining through the tall standing trees it just felt peaceful and untouched which lead me to start thinking on how much different the earth would be if Humans did not use modern technology but instead stick with nature in hope to learn the secrets to aid them to create their lifestyle, i wonder if we could take this idea and recreate Belfast but with tree buildings and more fantasy ways of transport instead of dusty old buses.


As i was going back to the trial i noticed some moss growing on a tree stump and to the left of it was some moss growing in a rain puddle in the crack of the stomp, then i thought about a world that exists within bacteria although the inhabitants would be more grotesque considering they are home in a rotting tree stomp and a mossy puddle.


(Gooey green monsters live in there!)


These dead leaves and spider webs gave me a thought of organic homes that could be picked up from organisms and strung up to sleep in, this is not a world idea although it could come in use when we go into further refinement for the worlds creatures.


(The hammock for the home)


(The home to hang in the web)

I wondered what organic plants and seeds could resemble the shape of a planet and i found these interesting shaped plants and pine cons that could influence our teams worlds shape, after all it does not have to be sphere shaped!


I have no idea what this plant is but i love how it could be a planet but then then surround spheres could be the “Countries” to the world!


This world could have creatures just like the Insect Pit from King Kong inside the spaces of the acorn?



Speaking of the Insect Pit, how about the cracks and openings of trees, they could reveal worlds inside them full of life!


Mushroom world full of “Fun Guys” aye? Heh…



Had the though of flower worlds that could only be accessed by micro beings and could only travel from one to the other through animals that pollinate like bees and butterflies, i love this idea i really need to voice this tomorrow at the group meeting before life drawing class!

When we decided to call it a day wanting to walk away the thoughts of the project i could not help but notice this sphere design while our team went to get food so i pulled the phone out and videoed Méabh playing around with the articulated sphere, i had initially pictured the world rotating and pulsing as it orbited its “Sun”, will need to discuss this with the others and see what they think.

-I feel like our group is pretty solid so far, we allow each other to voice ideas and make sure we aren’t tripping over our shoe laces, each day i feel us growing closer as we progress, ill probably start doodling some ideas down tomorrow as we talk about our top ideas from the board and our first hand and second hand research.- 


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