Life Drawing – Week 11 – full hour drawing


I decided to do a mixed media piece for our final class of the semester, this is truly terrifying but i love it – Kinda reminds me of an Artist i researched a year ago (I will try and update this post when i get his name)!

Overall i have enjoyed Life drawing this semester, it had defiantly improved my skills with the human anatomy!


Life Drawing – Week 7 -Drawing Exercises

Today we attempted drawing without lifting from the page, i quite enjoyed this process as it implicated on the feeling of how the drawing feels fluent as a dance as Micheal would put it, also they looked quite historical in appearance-

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I really enjoyed this class today, the exercise we did was enlightening and fun!


Life Drawing – Week 5 -Light Contrast

Today we were taught on Light contrast and using the negative space on the page to help implicate the contrast of bouncing light.

My first attempt was quite messy and Micheal had mentioned how i did not use any negative space – as you can see below.


I then went ahead to attempt a piece that had use of the pages negative space i admit, it makes the contrast between tones less flat compared to my first attempt.


We also attempted to make curved balls with mid tones without smudging the chalk, this proved harder for me personally…

Life Drawing – Week 4 – Composition And People Sitting On Chairs (Addphotos)

Today Micheal had us meet up at the Foundation room to draw chairs in carious angles that sat on what i could only describe as a pile of junk…. Artsy!

Drawing out a cube then using the points to connect lines to form a chair then an additional cube for the legs. My chairs form was off at first until Micheal gave me a demonstration on how it was done and then my chairs improved, the way i started of that the chairs could only be fit for banana shaped people to sit on!

Then we went unto to draw the life models on the chairs and grasp a since of composition and how important it is to get the surround objects drawn out accurately before attempting to draw the figures, i done two different processes and it can be shown how different the results can be.


Life Drawing – Week 3 – Torso and Head drawings

Today i was in Life drawing with Group A, we were shown the various ways of drawing a head and torso by imagining how the body is build down to its simplest forms such as ovals and other thought out shapes to help form the figure, for some reason today i could not get into the pieces, i did not feel any improvements coming. Perhaps it was the angles of the models, they were very hard poses today compared to the first week…. But hey, ill improve with time, just gotta keep practicing i suppose!