Creative Elements Assignment – Module Assessment

Starting the semester fresh from a tech was very exciting yet terrifying at the same time. From meeting new people that had the same passion to continue further into their education with animation to always being in a group doing assignments together and supporting one another to gain the best out of each other’s skills. I favourite week would have had to be when I was together with Cassie, Kirstin and Philip when working on the animatic, I felt we fluently worked together on the same wave link – constantly keeping in contact and guiding each other with pieces of work, it was lovely.

Presenting in front of a full class took some serious time to get used to, I literally died every Tuesday morning before standing up with my group and speaking on our progress for said week. It was scary but thankfully our class is a loving tight linked group, we all helped each other and never was one student left out from the crowd.

I found myself clinging to Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai when creating pieces for my groups but thanks to this module I was able to learn new techniques within After Effects, IMovie and Garage band with the provided Macs situated in our class room – I still cannot explain the sheer excitement I experienced when we made our very first animatic, I knew it was basic but I was so proud of our group that in a sense brought characters and a world to life!

The lectures given out each week were intriguing and enlightening for me and im sure it was for everybody else, I felt we could bring the information we had learned into our projects which in turn boosted some of our skills to new levels. I have noticed how my art has changed since September in regards to my tonality and colour work, there is always room for improvements but thanks to this module it has helped me gain new skills.

The hardest week for me would have had to be the motion graphic week, a lot had been going on with me personally although I felt supported by my group – they were understanding with my situation although I still pushed to work as I did not want to disappoint my teammates.

Overall the module has changed me in a lot of ways, from how I have a bigger respect now for digital media for the amount of time and effort that is put into a singular animations to gaining confidence in public speaking and communicating with new people I meet within a group. I only hold excitement for the next semester to see where it takes me next!


Portfolio For Semester One

Khanaka Sketch:

Khanakha concept piece from character design week, it was this piece that set the foundation for the creature to be refine and developed to a crisp design although he was not used as much as the Time Keeper was.


Techno Color:

A color overlay of traditional media accomplished using Photoshop, i found it intriguing to see how the texture was affected  once i had added our “techno” color palette to this character doodle.


I Love Nature Photography Assignment:

A photograph from my photography assignment, i loved this photo so much for the rule of thirds used within it, the setting of the light and the additional flare that the lens had captured, not only that it was just a lovely day all round!


Story Board Sketch:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My storyboard from when i worked on soundworld, this was my first attempt at storyboards after listening to a lecture briefing us on how to do them. Its messy although i enjoyed the appeal of trying a different drawing style similar to Kirsten’s style.


Sound Wave World Animatic:

An animatic i helped produce, it was a great effort and probably my favorite week as i had worked with Kirstin, Cassie and Philip – great people to contribute with in my opinion~ love the mixture of art, the backgrounds are a mixture between me and Cassie whereas the characters are drawn by Kirstin.


Coral Cave Tonal Piece:


A tonal piece i done to go toward our final presentation for the Raindrop world, using custom brushes had helped achieve the grainy effect i was going for.


Which Way To Go? Tonal Piece:


Another tonal piece created for the Hell Tree world, i felt this was a good first attempt at the Limbo style, the below  piece is something i created straight after completing this. I felt it had shown the improvement of the style coming to my grasp better.

Truly Lost In This Mess. Tonal Piece:


I felt this was a good attempt to capture the sense of fatigue and lonesomeness of the fraudulent forest, the depth of the piece i felt give the observer an idea on how dense the home of “Fraud” was.


For The People. Color Piece:


A collaboration piece with Hollie, i created the background and squid like creature whereas she added in the giant deity and bubbles to finalize and implicate on the feeling of being underwater.


Rain Drop World:

The final piece created for the semester, i loved how this turned out. The mixture of everyone’s art and the written narrative truly helped giving across the backstory to our world. I still cringe hearing my voice in it…

Creative Elements Assignment – Week 11 – Build A World – Presentation

Today me Caitlin presented our project, i felt we did pretty good and got our world across to the audience clearly despite me having to run away come to the sequence because i cringe to the sound of my own voice.

You can view our presentation here~

I feel like we did very well with this editing, Caitlin especially considering she did most of the work as i did not have the adequate software at home to continue it outside uni hours.



What i love most about this piece is that it implicates all the techniques and experimentation of that from previous weeks

(This can be seen in the presentation slides.)

Creative Elements Assignment – Week 11 – Build A World – Tasks For The Week


Some sketches for Niamh and Hollie to help get a feel of the worlds surroundings.

Just some work i have produced during the week to maybe help toward the narrative sequence we will be making for the presentation.

I was not exactly happy with these although i was particularly happy with the feedback and help given by both Niamh and Hollie.


Creative Elements Assignment – Week 10 – Build A World – Written Narrative

Written by Hollie.

The world’s inhabitants are an intelligent civilization with an Emperor ruling over them. For countless decades their city would be plagued by giant creatures, destroying buildings and killing many civilians.

One day, during an attack; a being, larger than the other creatures appeared and preyed upon them, causing them to leave in fear. The Emperor approached the beast with offerings and gratitude, and asked if it would protect their civilization from the monsters. The beast agreed, but only in return for the blood of one of his people every month/moon/whatever.

Reluctant, the Emperor agreed. One life was better than the lives of many lost each month/moon/whatever. It should be seen as an honor to die for the protection of your people. And so, the Emperor had to come up with a fair method of choosing the sacrifice.

He decided to create a game that would be played only when the time for a sacrifice would come. Civilians could either volunteer to take part or be chosen at random. The players were to heard a smaller creature (water rabbit) through a series of caverns, the aim being to chase the creature into the goal at the rival team’s end of the cavern. The sea rabbit is difficult to control as it has access to numerous small tunnels and can quickly change direction by bouncing off the cavern walls.

The winning team would be granted a pardon from the sacrifice, while the losing team would be taken to the beast’s lair deep withing the caverns to be sacrificed in return for it’s continued protection of the city. This tradition has been carried out for generations.

The game would be the ending ceremony to a festival that honored the beast; who was eventually seen as a protector deity of the civilization.

Creative Elements Assignment – Week 10 – Build A World – Final Game idea

The game will be a standard of two teams against each other whom are chosen by the Emperor himself then sent of to a coral cave within the radius of the city, The caves will be somewhat maze like with caverns inside that the “ball” the sea rabbit will navigate through with ease to try and avoid each team as it is their goal to capture the creature and bring it to the opposite teams goal to win a point, there will only be one Sea Rabbit so it is sudden death from the very beginning!

Which ever team wins will be immune from being selected in future sacrificial games and will have a feast in their victories name. The losing team however will be sacrificed to the deity although it will not be a sad death, the people find it an honor to die for their families and friends.



Inspiration is primarily gained from: 

  • Hunger Games

The reaping from the Hunger Games, the selection of candidates for the treaty of peace.


  • Aliens Vs Predator

The Sacrifice to gain knowledge and protection from a Superior creature.


  • Road To El Dorado

The object ball being a creature.


  • King Kong

Sacrifice to appease the beast.

Creative Elements Assignment – Week 10 – Build A World – Research

We sat down to evaluate the task for weeks ten and eleven which is to create a game that will be played in our world (Raindrop World), it was established that it will be played by the inhabitants and not us students obviously. There will now have to be a culture and story narrative to said worlds that explain the game and how that game came to be with its people, monster…Fish?




We looked into a lot of ways the worlds game could be, Niamh was kind enough to take what we wrote on the whiteboard and produce cleaner written documents for us to look at. *Thanks Niamh!*


The main questions to the task we discovered were:

  • What were the first discovered games?
  • Why do we play games?
  • How was culture connected with games?
  • How can we implicate these to our world?
  • What games can be played underwater?


Why Do We Play Games – Vsauce

Whilst we discussed what games could influence our game development, Hollie had came across this video of a Youtuber, Vsauce that gave a detailed explanation to why we play games.


Underwater Ironing



This just had to be in the blog….


Caitlin posted me a video of her experimentation underwater with a ball, she also positioned the camera to create this bizarre effect with the object~ I just love the fact she filled her bath up at home to play with toys in it!





The Yautja from The Predator franchise and AVP series-

The Pyramid from the Alien vs Predator franchise, the Yautja built these ancient pyramids for their human worshipers and in return each century they would return to Earth for a sacrifice by allowing a Xenomorph egg spawn, the Facehugger to inject its egg into the host with full he or shes consent.

This would then mark the start of a “Game” for the novice hunters to exterminate the hive and gain the rank of “Young Blood” if they successfully survive the whole game~

If they were to fall and die then the last breathing Yautja would have to bomb the surrounding area to insure the human population is not harmed by the Xenomorph.

I like this particularly as it shows the superior race, the Yautja controlling a monstrous creature such as the Xenomorph although it has been known that the Yautja have been outsmarted to speak by Xenomorph warriors.



You can read more on the sacrificial chambers here.




Peter Jacksons King Kong – 

The sacrificial scene from Peter Jacksons King Kong would be a great example to show how the fish people race are afraid of chubs and sacrifice one of their own or perhaps another species to appease their mighty creature and in return it will protect them from the monsters (Squids and shark things?)

They could do festive games to determine who will be sacrificed?





The Aztecs – 

The Axtecs would perform around 20 sacrifices in a year approx. This was to their god Acolnahuacatl, i would imagine the fish people would perform these type of festive sacrifices to keep away the giant Tardigrade from coming to their village, town or city to destroy and eat the people.

This could also tie in the thought of festive games to determine who will die for their people

I felt it was a good read.



Finding Nemo –

The fish people could also have a festive race for their village were the fastest creatures in town would meet up and race through a set obstacle course that is authentic.

There could also be water jets in parts to help boost the characters in aid to get to first place!

This idea was influenced by the Jellyfish race and vortex scenes in Finding Nemo