New Narratives – 30 Second Animation – The Touch Ups Before Hand In

Conánn was not lying when he said the first year breaks you in some way shape or form, i feel I have broken mentally and its starting to flare some of my CFS symptoms up but nevertheless, the job must be completed for deadline. I only hope I’m being useful for my team~

Scene One Corrections –

This scene originally thought was meant to be pretty straight forward although i feel Cassie may had ran into a few problems along the way with the lighting which is totally understandable because lighting in any area is not an easy task unless you have done advanced photography in your life. Speaking of lighting problems we were experiencing some objects in the scene to be interacting with the light whenever this should not had been the case but just as things were going moderately bad, the camera decided to go on what Cassie and Lorna described as an Acid trip~

Thankfully we got this re-rendered on time~

This is much better i think yes!

Scene Two Corrections –

On this scene we decided to go with Lornas original idea on Lumen bumping into the lamp which i thought was a brilliant idea as it made more sense know what had cause that movement in the scene rather it stay still and make people think Lumen some how clipped through the object, Rebecca used the lamp model to create the animation shown in Lornas original story boards.

After that me and Rebecca went on to re create the curtain scene for the animation, it was very hard to replicate despite us only have to be a stepped animation but with me not being to familiar with the stepped animation for the time slider some parts needed edited on the graph editor~

For the eyes i was asked to redraw the eyes (several times) to look similar to lumen’s glasses which i  did get initally although the group felt my version was a tad messy so Rebecca had traced over my movement to get a crisp finish for the 2D animation

Here is the result of our 2D animating!

If you wish to see my version, check out the PhotoShop file.

Scene three Corrections –

This was by far the most straight forward scene to fix with only the lighting and the the hand animation screwing the light bulb, we did want to try something that was suggested by the lectures which Rebecca took upon herself to do. using the modelling kit on maya, beccaa had put indent on the bed where lumen would had been rest for most of her stay in hospital which in turn made the scene more believable in all honesty now that we look back on it.

Scene Four Corrections –

For scene four all i had to do was revise the new pose for Lumen then apply it to a poster, so it wasn’t too much hassle considering everything else was pretty straight forward with only a few lighting changes and Lumens hair being fuzzed up from being electrocuted!



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