New Narratives – 30 Second Animation – Feedback

Today we presented out animations, for the most part i thought we did well – emotions were running high in the class today which also made things, uncomfortable to say the least. Our group did pretty well and I am very proud of our efforts this far into the module, just a few more pushes and its all over…Eww.


Tutors Feedback –

Scene one:

  • It is not clear which light is broken
  • The pan should be parallel to the wall/ straight on them rather than angled

Scene two:

  • If we are doing a close up of the curtain, replicate the psycho scene
  • Have the camera the way it was originally intended within the animaic
  • Have her walk into more objects

Scene three:

  • Fix the light glow
  • Have her have a comedic electrocution of the hand rather than just removing the bulb
  • Have Lumin make all the objects she touches glow so then it makes sense, including the bed

Scene four:

  • Change the dialogue

When looking back on how we created this it did not go without its problems, if we did not have every render identical then some scenes would come out almost pitch black and we also had to attempt to be efficient by using two macs to render our animation to meet the presentation deadline but i think our render time was so long because of all the lights and textures imported into the scene! (Very big file)


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