Image And Data Visualisation – Head Model

To start of my head model project, I decided to look into what exactly is good topology when it comes to doing a head model.

Reference images from
Thundercloud studios is perfect for examples!
Keep squares and no triangles folks!

“Main topology lines in head model:Green lines are mostly to help polygon flows form the shape of the body part base on surface curvature while Red line will play their role during particular extreme expressions. Note: Red line loops will varies in different head models base on animation requirements, the more extreme expression & wrinkles the face have, the more extra red lines will need to add to the face to build up the deformation properly” – ThunderCloud Studios


Reference images from - Anatomy Of Human Face Muscles.
Muscle diagram of facial anatomy 

One thing I have learned about facial topology is that the most crucial areas are the eyes, lips and laugh lines if I am correct from initial research. From one of our lecture classes it was obviously made clear that planning the topology line work is well placed on the face before tackling Maya to create the model, here are more images of face models highlighting what I think are the most important aspects of creating a good face model.


We needed reference photos for the head model project which i did not want to take myself encase i  had mucked it up somehow so i kindly asked our lecture Conánn had a pretty slick camera to take our reference photos with ease (thanks again sir!)

Here are the reference photos below.

Conánn seemly knows how to bring the better looking side of me out in a photo, what is your bloody secret man!

When I look at my head i start to see that my face is asymmetrical, like most other human heads but when looking at my photos particularly the two side views, you can see my ears are very much different to each other with one being more curved than the other and slightly higher on the right side on my face (in the front view)

Only thing i wish that was different was my hair, damn my hair needs a trim AGH!

i thought it would had been best to do some traditional tracing over my reference photos so with that i printed out my images, drew other the topology i thought would work well with Maya then that way i have a rough guideline for my face!

Here are the drawings for the side view images, i feel these would help the most as the side view in Maya will no doubt be the main maker for achieving nice curvature on the lips, cheeks ect.


Oh my lord, well…I look interesting with poly over my face! I decided to attempt drawing low poly on myself as a lot of my visual inspiration above have relatively low poly. I think i will begin looking into modelling as soon as possible now~






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