New Narratives – 30 Second Animation – Typography And Nurse

Typography –

For the typography for the animation, Cassie had gotten her mother to write each of our names down on a piece of paper then I was given them to recreate in a neon style, i then went ahead to gather information on how I could do this.

Learn how to create a realistic neon text effect. In this Photoshop tutorial we will be focusing on. Adding a brick wall background. Then darkening it up to make it look as if it was night. Then applying a neon font. Creating a neon glow to the font. Then we’ll be working with blending options to bring out the glow. We will also create a cord to give it a more realistic look and feel.


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Photoshop CC tutorial showing how to make a custom neon sign using your own text.

Brick Wall background:

Freestyle Script FONT:

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I just wanted to get a video out for you guys and this is a pretty nice effect so hope it helps you out!

PSD –…

Texture Download –…
Font –…

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Out of the three videos i watched i personally liked the first one on my list, it was beyond the most comprehensible out of the three, Cassie was also determined that i followed that tutorial also so i went with her judgement and followed it. I had then bumped into the problem that my version of Photoshop did not have the filters required to make the font but thankfully Cassie had lent me her Mac Book to use so the job could be done.


The Nurse –

For the nurse i needed to create a silhouette of a female figure, initially the file i had she did not have her clothing added in or hair but here is a file of her so you can play about and see the individual layers used to puppet her in After Effects.

– Download Link –

Become a puppet master by learning how to use the Puppet Tool in Adobe After Effects! The Puppet tool allows you to add joints and animations to bring live to any static image!

To follow along with the tutorial, you can download the cutout image of me right here:…

I have a detailed written version of this tutorial available on my website so go check that out:…

The Puppet Tool in Adobe After Effects provides you with 3 separate controls to animate your static image with ease:

1. The Puppet Pin Tool
The Puppet Pin tool allows you to place pins on your image to define where joints on your character will be. These are best placed on actual joints like elbows, knees and other parts of the body that can rotate.

You can then control click these pins and record your manual animations directly in the timeline window.

2. The Puppet Starch Tool
By default, any animation from the Puppet Pin tool will be applied by deforming a mesh overlayed onto your image. This mesh is very flexible by default which can lead to your character having a very ‘rubbery’ animation where everything bends and twists. This might not always be what you want and you can use the Puppet Starch Tool to define which areas of your ‘puppet’ are inflexible.

Simply spray the areas of your image that you want to keep stiff and the puppet tool will do the rest. Try to avoid making large areas completely stiff as there needs to be some room for the animations to occur.

3. The Puppet Overlap Tool
When working with complex character animations you often have parts of the character overlapping, e.g. the hands overlapping the body during a walk animation. You can paint depth information onto your character with the Puppet Overlap Tool. This information tells After Effects in which order to render the parts of the mesh in case of an overlap.

The Puppet Tool (and its 3 components) are a fantastic tool to bring images to live directly in Adobe After Effects and I hope you will have fun with it and experiment!

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Video and Music – Copyright © 2014 SurfacedStudio

This is the tutorial used to animate the Nurse on After Effects!



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