New Narratives – 30 Second Animation – Scene changes Before Presenting

We need to change some thing, we need to make the scene more apparent in the animation which will need more camera pans with smooth movements so the character can be established better within the shot, we also need to work on the lighting more (Cassie had said she will take it and would not need any help but we are here for her if she needs it), the set up of the room will need changed, perhaps elongated with more beds and a window maybe. We did some doodling on the whiteboards to get across what needs to be done within the next coming weeks.


I was assigned with fixing the general shape and objects within the room, I started of with hiding every single object in the scene until the shell of the room was viable, I then grabbed the left end of the room and stretched it out by using verts mode. Once the room was at a decent size, i duplicated the beds, curtains and reels along with the I.V’s ect and made then all sit in other positions, that way the room would not be symmetrical as this ward is being used by patients so naturally it will be out of shape a little~

I then added a window in the room just to experiment how it would look being able to see the outside world from the camera shots, if it were not to work then we could always just change the camera position to either hide the window or keep a file that has no window.

shot showing length
Window and moon!

Cassie had worked ont he light set up with a longer room now she had to consider the other light sources that have now been added I.E, more lamps and moon. I feel she got the setting right although its sad we could not solve the lingering problem that one of the lamps direction light was not cooperating with us in the slightest and ended just setting the scene off baldy, as for camera work i believe it has improved the more we had to redo it and it has certainly paid off. With a longer ward we have opened more possibilities to adding credits to the beds or walls though that is up to debate whether everyone would like that or not (The didn’t)

Cassie had mentioned how she would like to edit the curtain and chair falling scene like this scene from Hot Fuzz, i feel like this would work perfectly as the amount that is going on with object falling over would need some fast camera cuts and zooms to identify what is going on though you can see from this test below

My chair animation and Rebeccas curtain~

Cassies test on Lumen unscrewing the light

Lumen being caught by yet to be edited in nurse!



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