New Narratives – 30 Second Animation – The Curtain And Poster

Due to my car letting me down and the gear box going in it, me and Hollie could not attend the meet up at Rebecca’s house to do curtain experimentation although they kept me posted and shown me the notes to said experiments.

From what we discussed on facebook it is apparent we are now going with the inspired scene from the icon horror film “psycho” shower curtain scene of a woman being murdered abruptly in the middle of a clean.

To think this scared the living day lights out of people at one point in time.

Rebecca had found a really good video on the breakdown of events in the scene from the composition, rule of thirds and camera set up along with music to see what made this visual so worthy even in todays time!

Highlighting different aspects of cinematography and editing of one of the most famous example of flash-cuts and excellent camera work. It emerges a very different style from Hitchcock’s one: rumors (never confirmed) said that the scene was directed by Saul Bass. He just storyboarded it but his modernist influence is evident.

Lorenzo Gerbi

When i met up with the group again the following day it was apparent Lorna was bumping into problems with her curtain tests so i was assigned to help her out whilst the others did their parts for the animation, at first it was rather fidgety trying to get the character to position at the correct place to drop the curtain over her but in the end we got there, the next problem was that the curtain was not making it to Lumen so we have to extend the time-slider to more frames so as the planes would drop on her on time and enough so that she could be engulfed. *I never noticed that Lorna had make a blooper reel of some of the biggest fails so i updated this section so it could also be in my blog!

I felt good that i had a basic understanding of the Ncloth function on Maya as Lorna was experiencing some trouble with it, we sat together tweaking the settings such as dampness of the planes so as it would stick to Lumen but still have that fabric like effect that a curtain should have but a digress, we could not get the feeling of a thin paper curtain like you would see in a hospital ward so we reached out for Alecs help, he pulled us through and we got it in the end but hey, look more experiments!

Once we got the curtain sorted Lorna went ahead to do the pose to pose sections of the animation that consist of Lumen falling over whilst entangling herself in the curtain sheet, i would now go on to do my part of the little things in the room such as the poster Cassie and Rebecca wanted so i will now leave Lorna to it unless she needs any help~

Poster Visual Research –

I wanted to take in key posed i felt that would be used in the poster and what better way to get those solid poses? By getting Rebecca to post for the camera of course!


Cassie had mentioned to think of Lumen as the guy infront then my poster being the lady in the back of this reference picture, so the next question is, what pose is Lumen in?

Very awkward looking I see, we had agreed that the poster will be something of a health and safety poster enforcing the health and safety of washing hands, so i needed to have a look into some posters before creating my version for the scene~

I really like how alot of these poster straight up just tell the people who read their designs to wash their hands, honestly i dont know why people use restrooms without washing after, ewww, i think for my design that i will go with the enforcing wash your hands rather than the generic please wash you hands bull.


Heres my design for the scene, i decided to go away with the “wash you hands” in the end and instead go toward a hand sanitizer as those are commonly seen in a ward and not a sink, so i just thought it would make more sense to use a sanitizer instead and to my relieve the group had agreed on this.

They wondered if i could make the person in the poster seem more Conánn so i did an alternative….


BOOM….*drops mic


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