New Narratives – 30 Second Animation

For this module we got to choose our team members to create a thirty second animation on auto desk Maya with an opening and ending that last around five seconds each. For the group I was included in had members Samantha Quigley and Rosie Mullan which ended up making a team of three although i doubt we will be in a team for long as Conánn along with myself and others had noticed people had been picking out the best people in the class resulting in a unfair advantage among the others in class.

Despite these “trends” me, Samantha and Rosie were more than happy to work along each other in a three man team as from past experience in the Image and data visualisation module that we worked very well in a team and got the jobs in hand completed!

We had our first meet up to discuss what genres we could cover for our short, we ended up discussing three common genres that ended up being our research points. I myself was given Horror to research, Rosie was given slapstick comedy and Samantha, romance.

Definition of Horror –

Google Search


an overwhelming and painful feeling caused by something frightfullyshocking, terrifying, or revolting; a shuddering fear:

to shrink back from a mutilated corpse in horror.


anything that causes such a feeling:

killing, looting, and other horrors of war.


such a feeling as a quality or condition:

to have known the horror of slow starvation.


a strong aversion; abhorrence:

to have a horror of emotional outbursts.


Informal. something considered bad or tasteless:

That wallpaper is a horror. The party was a horror.


horrors, Informal.

  1. delirium tremens.
  2. extreme depression.


inspiring or creating horror, loathing, aversion, etc.:

The hostages told horror stories of their year in captivity.


centered upon or depicting terrifying or macabre events:

a horror movie.


horrors, (used as a mild expression of dismay, surprise,disappointment, etc.)
Source of Image 

Music Examples Use In Horror –

They’re the songs that bring you back to that moment of pure terror in the cinema. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Horror Movie Musical Themes. Check us out at, and Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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Nothing gets me more than the theme tune to jaws, heck i remember my mother telling me how she never wanted to put a toe into water at the beach after seeing the feature film despite us not having any great whites in our oceans! Silly Mother… Heh

Published on 25 Oct 2015

A Tribute to the Creepypasta Community. This is a 2 hour medley of various horror themes and creepypasta-related music that can be used for Creepypasta narrations and videos. Music includes Myuuji covers, Silent Hill, music boxes, mellow piano music, slow strings compositions and instrumental themes! Every piece of music in this medley was performed by me but not written, except for the slow strings and The Dreamwaker composition.

See “COMMENTS” section below for All HQ DOWNLOADS


Horror Themes List (Playback Times)

Ethan’s Theme – The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (0:11)
Piano Variant – Outlast (1:56)
Shachath Theme – American Horror Story (3:50)
Black Ops Zombies (6:37)
Music Box – Slender Man (10:55)
Unhappy Carousel – Silent Hill 3 (14:07)
Music Box – Pan’s Labyrinth (17:04)
Mercede’s Lullaby – Pan’s Labyrinth (19:41)
Lullaby of Woe – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (24:16)
Marionette’s Music Box – Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 (28:52)
Haunted by Screams – Myuuji (31:09)
Nebula – Myuuji (33:59)
Don’t Die On Me – Myuuji (38:55)
Save Room Theme – Dino Crisis (40:55)
Lavender Town – Pokemon (43:34)
Ringtone Sound – One Missed Call (46:44)
Promise Reprise – Silent Hill 2 (50:40)
Not Tomorrow – Silent Hill (55:22)
Emotional Piano Music – The Dreamwaker (1:03:02)
Alma’s Music Box – F.E.A.R. 2 (1:08:10)
Room of Angel – Silent Hill 4 (1:15:11)
Letters – Silent Hill 2 (1:21:08)
Music Box – Silent Hill 2 (1:26:22)
Lurking in the Shadows – Composition (1:31:15)
Pandemic – Composition (1:34:00)
A Family Tragedy – Composition (1:39:10)
Home – The Last of Us (1:45:58)
Aliens 1979 (1:50:26)
Veil of Darkness – Nox Arcana (1:52:39)
Helen’s Music Box – Candyman (1:55:36)
Song of Shrieking Wind – Composition (2:00:39)
Lost in Blackwood Forest – Composition (2:04:32)

Difficulty: Death March!
Piano: Yamaha CVP-503
Program Version: Final Cut Pro X & Audacity
Total Covers: 32
“Music is a powerful art that your mind can channel into something truly magical.” – Liam Seagrave

© No copyright infringement intended. The original music belongs to their respective owners. All rights reserved. –YouTube Video Description

Is it bad that I used to listen to this frequently? Love the Silent Hill instrumental music!

Colors Used In Horror –

The colors used in Horror are typically muddy, dark colors that would blend well in scenes with little lighting to potentially hide the killers or monster that would appear later in the story.



One thing i learnt from past research that horror movies are actually low budget most of the time yet make a huge profit, i only wish they put more money into their productions heck imagine what they could make with extra cash in the bank?

Contemporary Examples

  • The Rite Mikael Håfström, 2011
  • Paranormal Activity 2 Tod Williams, 2010
  • Saw (6 films in franchise) James Wan, 2002-2009
  • Blair Witch Project Daniel Myrick + Eduardo Sánchez, 1999
  • Dog Soldiers Neil Marshall, 2002
  • Urban Legend Jamie Blanks, 1998
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer Jim Gillespie, 1997
  • Hostel Eli Roth, 2005

Codes and Conventions

  • Split into sub genres (see below), often hybridised
  • Primary target audience – male, 16-24, Mainstreamers
  • 15 or 18 Certification (promises of pleasure) – debates on passive consumption
  • Uses and Gratifications (active audiences) theory can apply
  • Extensive use of Narrative enigmas
  • Exploration of Narrative Themes
  • Slow pace of Editing, builds tension. Long takes
  • Three act narrative structure
  • Predictable narrative content (follows format)
  • Clear binary oppositions e.g. good v evil
  • Use of low key lighting
  • Use of CGI, FX
  • High production values but many low budget horror films
  • Dominant, hegemomic representation of gender: The Female Victim
  • Extensive use of close up
  • Incidental non-diegetic sound
  • Distorted diegetic sound
  • Extensive use of narrative off-screen space
  • Young/teenage characters
  • Use of hand-held camera: audience identification/realism
  • Point of view shots
  • Low angle shots

Horror Sub Genres

Horror can be split into sub genres:


  • The Monster Scare

  • Psychological Thrillers

  • Slasher Pics

  • Zombie Films

An extract from an interesting article about the codes and conventions within horror movies by Edusites Media 






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