New Narratives – Week 3 – Jumping Jonas Task

For this week we were assigned the assignment to create a Jonas jumping cycle, one of Conánns model that he had given out to us to use during one of his lectures and take the knowledge we learned for the day to create our animations.

Jumping Cycles:

Pixar Lamp:

Pixar Lamp Intro From Pixar Movies

I wanted to use the Pixar lamp as inspiration on how Jonas will move essentially considering they both have a similar shape structure wise, also i loved the poses the lamp uses before making that final jump onto the capital I on the Pixar logo (Just gives a sense of determination).

Pixar Animation- Luxo Jr.

Looking into the Pixar lamp further i found this short that reveals that this character is known as Luxo Jr, quite ironic seeing as they are luxo lamps. Very stylish for its year (1986) and also very impressive considering it is a twenty year old short!

According to the shorts trivia that the hardest parts were animating the cord and the ball rolling, would imagine this being hard…

Minecraft Slime Mob:

Image from the Minecraft Guides

Other characters that hop like Luxo Jr such as the Slime mob from Markus Notch Persson’s Minecraft is a creation souly based on squash and stretch animation but does not seem to have any anticipation before jumping.

We also were advised to “feel” the movements of the character we were animating so through out the week i will compile a video of me attempting the movements i will want Jonas to make in my animation to get a better understanding how he will move.



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