New Narratives – Week 2 – King Kong Movie

We were now assigned to do a Schematic and a Artifact on the 1970’s movie, King Kong (Oh boy..) and must i say it was, quite the watch.

So basically without giving out spoilers for anyone that has not seen the movie, the Petrox company is on a quest to find oil to gain profit which in turn they find an island that is home to primitive live including the Kaiju Gorilla, King Kong. They bring the ape home and then shit hits the fan for everyone on board and ends with the death of the Monkey.

Not gonna lie, not the best watch although it is an assignment no matter how painful it may be.

So we have to make a “Schematic” and a “Artifact”

What are these?:

Schematic: A diagram or other representation that can be symbolic and simplified for the audience.

Artifact: Something that is observed within an experiment is not naturally present but occurs as a result of the investigative procedure.

We will be compiling our thoughts on the movie before tackling the schematic.





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