New Narratives – Week 1 – The Road Back, Resurrection & Return With The Elixir

The Road Back:

The road back determines when the hero should remain in the new special world or make the journey back the ordinary world that they come from. This may seem like an end point but there are still dangers, temptations and tests ahead of the heroes road. whilst reading my assigned section for the practical guide of Voglers book i started to think of movies that could contrast but still hold the same context of The Road Back.

Spirited Away (2001) – Studio Ghibli:

Gif Image generated from movie – Source

Chihiro decides she wants to leave the special world she was forcible thrown into after her parents greed had caused them to eat food of that from a world on a different dimensional plane. She gets help from another human boy with shape shifting powers, Haku and she arrives back to the start of her “adventure” along with her two greedy parents.

Maleficent (2014) – Disney:

Maleficent made the ultimate decision to return to the special world of King Edwards castle in an effort to save Princess Aurora. The tests and dangers of the road back to this iconic location that set the heroes journey off at the first place were at a high, Maleficent needed to use all her cunning and strength before returning the home land she came from.


Big Hero 6 (2014) – Disney:

Baymax navigating the portal world – Source

Hiro and Baymax decide to go into the unknown world created by the portal transportation devices to save the daughter of Robert Callaghan. This does not go without consequences as the dangers and tests proved to sacrifice of Baymax in hope for Hiro to make it back to Earth save and sound, this in turn resurrects Hiro with a new personality which could be seen once back at Earth.

Peter Jackson’s – The Hobbit Franchise (2012-2014):

Gif Source
Gif Source

Bilbo Baggins would be a great example on his personality resurrecting through out all the Hobbit movies. During his quest he starts of as a weak willed, scared little Hobbit but as the movies story progresses he begins to get stronger, braver and resurrects into a new person once in contact with the ring that rules them all.

Return With The Elixir:

Peter Jackson’s – The Hobbit Franchise (2012-2014) &

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001):

Source Image
Source Image

When Bilbo Baggins returns from his journey during the events of The Hobbit, he obtains The One Ring – a powerful mystical weapon that grants unimaginable power to whomever wears it. The cost of this is the users mentality which in hand deteriorates over a course of time depending how often the user wears it. Bilbo told the meaningful stories to one of the protagonists from the LOTR franchise, Frodo Baggins on how Bilbo helped diminish the clouds of darkness during the events of The Battle Of The Five Armies (2014). Although with a new problem from Bilbos new obsession with The One Ring it sparks a new quest for Frodo to take the weapon and destroy it. See its one big cycle from one movie to another, right?

I wanted to look into movies that were seemly different but once reading The Heroes Journey that it becomes apparent how similar each and every movie is when it comes to the stages of the heroes quest within the movie.


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