New Narretives – Week 1 – Volger Presentation

Yuanyuan and Conánn have assigned us to groups of four to present different sections of The Writers Journey, Mythic Structure For Writers, Third Edition by Christopher Vogler. We are to read our sections and compile a presentation for the class, my team mates consist of Kirstin Andrews, Michelle Beggs, Ryan Beatty and myself.

We were given the task of presenting the practical guide from the book so we as a group decided among ourselves to split the practical guide into four sections, Michelle doing The Ordinary World, The Call To Adventure. Ryan will be doing Refusal To The Call, Meeting The Mentor and Crossing The First Threshold. Kirstin will be doing Tests, Allies and Enemies, Approach to the Inmost Cave, Ordeal and Reward. I will be doing The Road Back, Resurrection and Return With The Elixir.

After Reading The Practical Guide:

The practical guide i came to noticed that the heroes journey is truly implicated in pretty much every movie in existence, whilst reading through the book i kept having connections of movies that fitted in with the heroes journey and to be frank i always knew movies were different variations of each other but to this degree was crazy at how pretty much every movie has followed this books steps with or without reading Christopher Volgers words.

Suppose now i wait until they others are done reading then we will hit the google slides together.



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