New Narratives – Week 1 – Recap On What I Have Learnt

What Are Locators?

From what i have gathered from my lecture this week with Conánn that locators are typically used to stop an object from falling through the grid or “floor” and help the animator not to worry about their models clipping through anything such as the ground they stand on. This can also be used to constraint an object to another, an example would be my clip of the Taurus being parented to the Sphere, on that animation i had three Locators used on that but primarily the locator in the middle was what kept the Taurus doing what i wanted.

Creates a locator object in the scene. A locator is a small icon like an x-y-z axis that marks a point in space. They are useful as a user interface for characters; for example, you can parent joints to the locator so moving the locator pushes and pulls the joint.” –Autodesk Maya User Manual

Maya Tips On YouTube:

Of course i’m not going to use YouTube as reference for my Maya animations but watching this basically sums up the idea of what i did for my bouncing ball animation, it was an interesting watch although i’m pretty sure things are done different on Maya now as the version this user was operating was an outdated version of Maya.

(Perfect example why not to listen to YouTubers using Maya as most of the time, there will be a better and more efficient way of doing what they’re doing wrong.)

Parenting Objects On Maya

Parenting objects on Maya has gained my interest especially after playing around with it to create my orbit animation test, it is apparent how important it is to get the order of parenting right in the software as it could cause implications of models clipping through each other and ruining the animation.

I felt 3D tutorial zone did a good article on how parenting works, it was sweet and simple way for beginner animators to grasp around the idea of the Parent and child bond.


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