New Narratives – week 1 – Solar System Orbit Attempt

Orbit attempt two

Tonight whilst playing on Maya i decided to look into making our solar systems planets Orbit our sun but first i needed to do some initial research to make sure i got the order and size comparisons correct.


After watching Elearning’s video on the Solar System i created my eight planets (Pluto is still up to debate i believe if its a planet or not.) planets by selecting the sphere icon on my shelf in Maya.


I then created two more spheres, first being the sun for the planets to orbit around and the second being the Earths moon (I felt excited at this point that ill have planets orbiting a sun and a moon orbiting the earth whilst the orbited the sun, ORBIT-CEPTION!)


Now that i had my sun, planets and moon i began to use my reference image to estimate the size of each planet, moon and sun to its approximate size. This was the easy part.


Of course once the planets were sized to their approximated masses that i had to space them out otherwise they could have a risk of “colliding” which no one wants to happen in our solar system. Once the spheres were in place i needed to give them appropriate rotation speeds which in honesty i google searched all their rotations for a year and found the closer to the sun then the faster the rotation (Simple science right?) so i gave Mercury the fastest spin cycle and Neptune the slowest as it is the furthest from the suns gravitational pull.

Now comes the tricky part with Parenting the planets to the sun, i had to keep mindful of what Conánn had said about how important it is with the order of which model is parented too so i worked from the inside out and parented the rotating planets at different angles to make it go in a spiral order rather than have all the planets simultaneously move around the sun at once.


(Again i will change this clip to something of higher quality)

I was very happy with my outcome, it defiantly was an improvement from what i had created in class. Personally i think it was the time alone in my room just tweaking and playing with Maya’s controls that helped me through this (And listening to some Imagine Dragons helped too) I still get stoked on how exciting it is to create something as simple as this, its one step closer to my dream of bringing my characters to life on screen, way to sound modest Jordan…





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