New Narratives – Week 1 – Bouncing Ball And Obit

Bouncing Ball

Following Conánn with making the bouncing ball with the aid of the set locators to stop the ball itself from falling below the ground level.

(Apologize, i will make a better quality video for this Animation)

My attempt with this was pretty satisfying, Conánns way of animating comparing to Alec’s animation style, this had proved more efficient for time although it took a few repeats from Conánn to grasp how to navigate Maya to get to this end result. The ball itself falls with a decent weight value, the squash and stretch has defiantly improved compared to my last semesters bouncing ball animation.

Looking back at Semester ones bouncing ball you can see the result of the two different styles of Conánn and Alec, i like both videos although there is something more refined and realistic with Conánns style – on the other hand with Alec’s style is that you can make things more abstract which would be ideal for cartoon animation.

(I like both of the techniques used by my tutors although i’m sure over time i will gain my own understanding and method of working Maya, these are early days yet)

Whilst Conánn talked us through his process of making a bouncing ball all i could feel was the research from my ten principles of animation come back to me, seeing the squash and stretch cause by the balls momentum to the setting of the Arcs from beginning to end which i personally found very efficient by setting my first pose on frame one then my ending pose for example frame 100.


Orbiting Planet

This one was enlightening to learn, Conánn had spoke about the process on Parenting ( an object on Maya. At first i really thought it was going to make animating take ten times the length to complete but i was proved wrong when i was amazed to see how quick he made an orbiting planet around a sun, i think he was using estimates of our planets orbit around the sun (this inspired me to attempt to make our solar systems planets orbit around our sun on Maya) which was fine although he made a note on how the Earth rotates three hundred and sixty times a year and how it would be smart to make the sphere on Maya rotate three hundred and fifty nine times as when it goes back to frame one it will have a smoother and more natural finish to it.

(Again Apologizes, i will attempt to make cleaner clips of these.)

Whilst working on this animation i must had morphed the shape of the sphere by accident whilst moving it or perhaps Kirstin Andrews had done something as we both worked on the same Mac due to her not having a computer to use, taking turns at each step this is what was completed. I was not happy with the end result as the animation had a slow in slow (Video by Alan Becker) out cycle that did not give the fluent finish i wished for. When inquiring about this to Conánn he had mentioned how changing the Tangents in Maya’s graph editor can help make the animation loop in consistent way that takes away that slow in slow out momentum.

I will make another at home tonight to fix the mistakes made today during today’s lecture.


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