Creative Elements Assignment – Module Assessment

Starting the semester fresh from a tech was very exciting yet terrifying at the same time. From meeting new people that had the same passion to continue further into their education with animation to always being in a group doing assignments together and supporting one another to gain the best out of each other’s skills. I favourite week would have had to be when I was together with Cassie, Kirstin and Philip when working on the animatic, I felt we fluently worked together on the same wave link – constantly keeping in contact and guiding each other with pieces of work, it was lovely.

Presenting in front of a full class took some serious time to get used to, I literally died every Tuesday morning before standing up with my group and speaking on our progress for said week. It was scary but thankfully our class is a loving tight linked group, we all helped each other and never was one student left out from the crowd.

I found myself clinging to Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai when creating pieces for my groups but thanks to this module I was able to learn new techniques within After Effects, IMovie and Garage band with the provided Macs situated in our class room – I still cannot explain the sheer excitement I experienced when we made our very first animatic, I knew it was basic but I was so proud of our group that in a sense brought characters and a world to life!

The lectures given out each week were intriguing and enlightening for me and im sure it was for everybody else, I felt we could bring the information we had learned into our projects which in turn boosted some of our skills to new levels. I have noticed how my art has changed since September in regards to my tonality and colour work, there is always room for improvements but thanks to this module it has helped me gain new skills.

The hardest week for me would have had to be the motion graphic week, a lot had been going on with me personally although I felt supported by my group – they were understanding with my situation although I still pushed to work as I did not want to disappoint my teammates.

Overall the module has changed me in a lot of ways, from how I have a bigger respect now for digital media for the amount of time and effort that is put into a singular animations to gaining confidence in public speaking and communicating with new people I meet within a group. I only hold excitement for the next semester to see where it takes me next!


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