Portfolio For Semester One

Khanaka Sketch:

Khanakha concept piece from character design week, it was this piece that set the foundation for the creature to be refine and developed to a crisp design although he was not used as much as the Time Keeper was.


Techno Color:

A color overlay of traditional media accomplished using Photoshop, i found it intriguing to see how the texture was affected  once i had added our “techno” color palette to this character doodle.


I Love Nature Photography Assignment:

A photograph from my photography assignment, i loved this photo so much for the rule of thirds used within it, the setting of the light and the additional flare that the lens had captured, not only that it was just a lovely day all round!


Story Board Sketch:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My storyboard from when i worked on soundworld, this was my first attempt at storyboards after listening to a lecture briefing us on how to do them. Its messy although i enjoyed the appeal of trying a different drawing style similar to Kirsten’s style.


Sound Wave World Animatic:

An animatic i helped produce, it was a great effort and probably my favorite week as i had worked with Kirstin, Cassie and Philip – great people to contribute with in my opinion~ love the mixture of art, the backgrounds are a mixture between me and Cassie whereas the characters are drawn by Kirstin.


Coral Cave Tonal Piece:


A tonal piece i done to go toward our final presentation for the Raindrop world, using custom brushes had helped achieve the grainy effect i was going for.


Which Way To Go? Tonal Piece:


Another tonal piece created for the Hell Tree world, i felt this was a good first attempt at the Limbo style, the below  piece is something i created straight after completing this. I felt it had shown the improvement of the style coming to my grasp better.

Truly Lost In This Mess. Tonal Piece:


I felt this was a good attempt to capture the sense of fatigue and lonesomeness of the fraudulent forest, the depth of the piece i felt give the observer an idea on how dense the home of “Fraud” was.


For The People. Color Piece:


A collaboration piece with Hollie, i created the background and squid like creature whereas she added in the giant deity and bubbles to finalize and implicate on the feeling of being underwater.


Rain Drop World:

The final piece created for the semester, i loved how this turned out. The mixture of everyone’s art and the written narrative truly helped giving across the backstory to our world. I still cringe hearing my voice in it…


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