Creative Elements Assignment – Week 10 – Build A World – Written Narrative

Written by Hollie.

The world’s inhabitants are an intelligent civilization with an Emperor ruling over them. For countless decades their city would be plagued by giant creatures, destroying buildings and killing many civilians.

One day, during an attack; a being, larger than the other creatures appeared and preyed upon them, causing them to leave in fear. The Emperor approached the beast with offerings and gratitude, and asked if it would protect their civilization from the monsters. The beast agreed, but only in return for the blood of one of his people every month/moon/whatever.

Reluctant, the Emperor agreed. One life was better than the lives of many lost each month/moon/whatever. It should be seen as an honor to die for the protection of your people. And so, the Emperor had to come up with a fair method of choosing the sacrifice.

He decided to create a game that would be played only when the time for a sacrifice would come. Civilians could either volunteer to take part or be chosen at random. The players were to heard a smaller creature (water rabbit) through a series of caverns, the aim being to chase the creature into the goal at the rival team’s end of the cavern. The sea rabbit is difficult to control as it has access to numerous small tunnels and can quickly change direction by bouncing off the cavern walls.

The winning team would be granted a pardon from the sacrifice, while the losing team would be taken to the beast’s lair deep withing the caverns to be sacrificed in return for it’s continued protection of the city. This tradition has been carried out for generations.

The game would be the ending ceremony to a festival that honored the beast; who was eventually seen as a protector deity of the civilization.


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