Creative Elements Assignment – Week 10 – Build A World – Final Game idea

The game will be a standard of two teams against each other whom are chosen by the Emperor himself then sent of to a coral cave within the radius of the city, The caves will be somewhat maze like with caverns inside that the “ball” the sea rabbit will navigate through with ease to try and avoid each team as it is their goal to capture the creature and bring it to the opposite teams goal to win a point, there will only be one Sea Rabbit so it is sudden death from the very beginning!

Which ever team wins will be immune from being selected in future sacrificial games and will have a feast in their victories name. The losing team however will be sacrificed to the deity although it will not be a sad death, the people find it an honor to die for their families and friends.



Inspiration is primarily gained from: 

  • Hunger Games

The reaping from the Hunger Games, the selection of candidates for the treaty of peace.


  • Aliens Vs Predator

The Sacrifice to gain knowledge and protection from a Superior creature.


  • Road To El Dorado

The object ball being a creature.


  • King Kong

Sacrifice to appease the beast.


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