Creative Elements Assignment – Week 10 – Build A World – Research

We sat down to evaluate the task for weeks ten and eleven which is to create a game that will be played in our world (Raindrop World), it was established that it will be played by the inhabitants and not us students obviously. There will now have to be a culture and story narrative to said worlds that explain the game and how that game came to be with its people, monster…Fish?




We looked into a lot of ways the worlds game could be, Niamh was kind enough to take what we wrote on the whiteboard and produce cleaner written documents for us to look at. *Thanks Niamh!*


The main questions to the task we discovered were:

  • What were the first discovered games?
  • Why do we play games?
  • How was culture connected with games?
  • How can we implicate these to our world?
  • What games can be played underwater?


Why Do We Play Games – Vsauce

Whilst we discussed what games could influence our game development, Hollie had came across this video of a Youtuber, Vsauce that gave a detailed explanation to why we play games.


Underwater Ironing



This just had to be in the blog….


Caitlin posted me a video of her experimentation underwater with a ball, she also positioned the camera to create this bizarre effect with the object~ I just love the fact she filled her bath up at home to play with toys in it!





The Yautja from The Predator franchise and AVP series-

The Pyramid from the Alien vs Predator franchise, the Yautja built these ancient pyramids for their human worshipers and in return each century they would return to Earth for a sacrifice by allowing a Xenomorph egg spawn, the Facehugger to inject its egg into the host with full he or shes consent.

This would then mark the start of a “Game” for the novice hunters to exterminate the hive and gain the rank of “Young Blood” if they successfully survive the whole game~

If they were to fall and die then the last breathing Yautja would have to bomb the surrounding area to insure the human population is not harmed by the Xenomorph.

I like this particularly as it shows the superior race, the Yautja controlling a monstrous creature such as the Xenomorph although it has been known that the Yautja have been outsmarted to speak by Xenomorph warriors.



You can read more on the sacrificial chambers here.




Peter Jacksons King Kong – 

The sacrificial scene from Peter Jacksons King Kong would be a great example to show how the fish people race are afraid of chubs and sacrifice one of their own or perhaps another species to appease their mighty creature and in return it will protect them from the monsters (Squids and shark things?)

They could do festive games to determine who will be sacrificed?





The Aztecs – 

The Axtecs would perform around 20 sacrifices in a year approx. This was to their god Acolnahuacatl, i would imagine the fish people would perform these type of festive sacrifices to keep away the giant Tardigrade from coming to their village, town or city to destroy and eat the people.

This could also tie in the thought of festive games to determine who will die for their people

I felt it was a good read.



Finding Nemo –

The fish people could also have a festive race for their village were the fastest creatures in town would meet up and race through a set obstacle course that is authentic.

There could also be water jets in parts to help boost the characters in aid to get to first place!

This idea was influenced by the Jellyfish race and vortex scenes in Finding Nemo




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