Creative Elements Assignment – Week 10 – Build A World -New Group And Straight To Work

Today we got to choose who we had in our final group of the semester, well all the people with “J” beginning in their name did so i chose Hollie, Niamh and Caitlin. I wanted Hollie in my group seeing as I’ve known her for a long time now and always wanted to work along with her, with Niamh i wanted to get to know her better and get that little closer with her as i found it hard whilst we worked in separate groups. Caitlin is a crazy woman that i love so i had to have her the wee lady! She also is amazing at graphics work – We all have different factors to bring to the table so i feel we will achieve something good by the end.


We first looked into a various range of ideas on how our final game idea would end up being, we all agreed that it was influential to look into Pixars Finding Nemo which some scenes within the movie to help us grasp an understanding to the underwater scene with its colors and depth in landscapes – Caitlin certainly took a huge interest on how objects could be affected being underwater compared to that being on dry land.

Looking at the Jellyfish scene and Australian Turbo Current, it was a “current” that we immediately latched to creating a racing game. We had thought on the idea of the creatures of the world racing to a set destination while using their surrounds to help them gain 1st place and win.



We looked at the Jellyfish scene and the East Australian Current scene in Finding Nemo, and though that perhaps we could create a racing game where the inhabitants use the environment to aid them in winning.



Whilst brainstorming, the ball game from The Road To El Dorado was brought up which again gave us an idea of taking influence of the armadillo character being the ball and implicating this into our worlds game. Caitlin had mentioned she will use her Go-Pro camera to experiment on objects underwater seeing as you can not use a football or bouncing ball to play a game, so it appears we will have to use a creature as the “ball” which i think will be intriguing to do~



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