Creative Elements Assignment – Week 9 – Build A World – Chosen Typography & Color Scheme

Today when we met up we decided on a few color schemes that would be similar to each other for the animatic but we will intend for it be more co-ordinate with each other.

Jakub had shown us a website called  Palletton which we can get a color palette mustered that will be complimentary for each palette we may create. We went through the process of selecting colors before finalizing our colors for the title sequence.





These are the selected colors we have came to a conclusion to use for the title sequence, i will be doing the simplistic images for the sequence~


Jakub had also refined our typography and produce it in a digital format for Cassie to experiment with before implicating it into the final piece.


I love this design that Jakub has came up with, he said he had used The Elder Scrolls typography and i can see the major influenced used within the Elder Scrolls Skyrim typography,

Image Source to the typography image~



Cassie wanted some images of nature and organic forms so i decided to relate back to my 600 images assignment and give her a hand full of  pictures i felt would benefit the sequence, she seemed happy enough so that was great!


Cassie says she will be experimenting on After Effects Tonight, cant wait to see what she comes up with~



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