Creative Elements Assignment – Week 9 – Build A World – Assigned Tasks For Final Piece

The title sequence we want to produce will in hope reflect the same techniques and theme of that of the animatic created by the previous group. We spoke among each other assigning tasks to those who will be stronger in each area in hope we create an efficient sequence giving the amount of time we have left, i feel we will be grand for the deadline seeing we have came this far as a team. Kirstin and Jakub will be composing the music for the piece while me and Cassie will sort out the visuals such as motion animation and drawing out the characters for the piece~


Task notes

The sequence will have five moving sections which i will mainly be painting for unless anyone feels like they would like to add and make any changes if we feel my pieces can be improved.

Main animations will be a bird flying, Mossi Swinging and falling, fireflies in a section and the Dragon interaction from what i have gathered.

*Grabs graphics tablet* I’m ready…. :’3


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