Creative Elements Assignment – Week 9 – Build A World – Typography Research

Benbasso – Creature Typography:


Thought we could use this as an influence and be able to bring back old character designs that other class students had designed so as nothing will go to waste in our project and overall making it more tasteful for observers.


Sakke Soini – Tentacle Typography: 

Lovely font that implicates tentacles and eyeballs to create the alphabet, very complex and graphic! You can also sense the life of the creatures through the eyes~


Eika Dopudo – Organic Typography:

She uses organic life such as leaves, trees ect to create her typography, this could fit with both our project and the plant world project.

(I could possibly show this font to the others in the Plant World project.)


Carmela Ocampo – Chaotic Typography:


He made this very simplistic yet charming font that consists of free flowing lines and eyes to give the typography life, using this style could be risky as its so messy but hey, trial and error!


Marian Bantjes – Authentic Typography:

She uses a authentic approach to her typography by putting materials such as sugar, salt or sand on a table and simply forming the font by hand, perhaps we could do this but with compost, stones or leaves to make our sequences font?


Some more Sequence research-



Ori And The Blind Forest:


Girl With The Dragon Tattoo:



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