Creative Elements Assignment – Week 9 – Build A World – Title Sequence Research That Could Help

After discussing that we are going with a sequence, something like an opening or credits section. I decided to look into various sequences used in movies, games or adverts.

Life Of Pi Fan Sequence

Created by Graphic Artist Steven Everington, he made a beautiful piece that left me feeling at peace just like the Life Of Pi movie had done for me. The use of color was also very comforting as they were warm and inviting~

Splice Opening Sequence –

I love how much this sequence had in common to the Dragon World, we could make something inspired to this but of a camera panning through the different sections of the dragon, from the boiler rooms to the heart then to the brain being controlled by its driver.

Alien (1979) –


A Beautiful franchise with amazing title sequences full of suspense and a build of climax that explodes at the end leaving the audience in aww, wondering what had happened and in the end making people go to theaters to see what creature came out of the egg.



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