Creative Elements Assignment – Week 9 – Build A World – Project Planning

Today Conann had given us a lecture on how we should plan our projects, something similar to initial mind mapping but to think of it as a “Budget” How much time do we as a group have to make the assigned task? (Roughly a week for each assigned task) This truly had helped deal with the oncoming stress we have all been feeling during the approaching weeks to the end of the semester  although i felt this planning structure should had been given to us much earlier rather than week 9 into the year but neither the less, i trust Conann done this with positive intentions.

We were then swapped around in our groups and we had to say goodbye to Philip as he was chosen to be swapped, we were given Jakub as a new energy for the group. With that, we began to plan out our week for the assigned task of Motion Graphics, i feel this will be a week for experimentation as i am not exactly the best with animating anything~

Cassie Galloway’s Image of the Planned Board

As you can see;

The board is full of plans although personally for me it lacks “Structure” as the layout is rather chaotic, i did not want to voice this as it would had came off too picky in my opinion so ill structure it on my blog to review when working this week.

  1. Research – Look into other student blogs that have worked in this world, this means asking around class and getting a head count for the amount of students that have contributed their visions to the project.Search for Typography that can be relevant to the world, Arial and Times New Roman wont cut it this week~

    Look up some music that could make our motion graphic more tasteful for the audience.

  2. Content – Gather whatever research is relevant toward the Dragon Tree World, this will help refine our work later on in the week.
  3. Experimentation – basic trial and error exercises to refine our work for the motion graphic
  4. Refinement – Bring Everything together and make the work crisp
  5. Finalize – Achieve the outcome

I could have worded this wrong although i’m sure with the help from my team mates everything will be fine~

We plan to have the final outcome done by Sunday.

(Lets see how that goes)


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