Creative Elements Assignment – Week 9 – Build A World – ANIMATIC MOTHERTRUCKERS

Oh lordy, i am so happy with how our animatic came out thanks to the editing Cassie had done with our stills (Proud ginger)-

Today we met up to gather all our drawings and paintings ect to collab into the animatic, me and Kirstin done some clean ups on some slides to make the animation look a little more smooth for the “audience” to see.

I particularly like how the class contributed for the big scream for the worlds “disaster”, i cant wait for everyone to see it and for whatever feedback we’re given!

Comes to show, we had stumbled a little last week when it came to the storyboards but now after the advice from Mike and support from the class i feel our group had gotten closer than ever… I can just tell we are all going to get moved around tomorrow. Ah well, im sure the new energy from new group mates will be refreshing enough to keep the positive vibes going!

-All editing rights go to Cassie on this, she done such an amazing job. The stress was worth it girl!-

sound world

-Tonal piece i never considered using for anything but it could make a nice thumbnail for the blog heh…-




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