Creative Elements Assignment – Week 8 – Build A World – Revise And Refine

Following yesterdays constructive advise from Mike our group had decided to go back and review our story with a different prospective and found out the story and the visual boards literally made no sense, we could not tell where the character was going nor how the story was affected by the incoming meteor.

Using the example board that Mike had kindly drafted out for was very helpful as the uses of symbolism for panning and zooming really came in handy and made the process of story boarding quicker.


-Mike literally looks like he has had enough of Rhea’s shit.- 

Mike also pointed out for beneficial it is to cut out boards and stick them on a whiteboard as it makes quick cuts and edits easier if something does not go to plan in the story plot.

-This was great as we were shown how the meteor at the middle of out narrative made no sense and done the story no justice so with that we cut the middle narrative and pasted it to the beginning to show the viewers what was to come to set of the stories events.-



-I kind of noticed how we could use the pan zoom for the world at the beginning by using the type of zoom used in the Adventure Time intro sequence.-


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