Creative Elements Assignment – Week 8 – Build A World – Final Storyboard

So this is what we got complete today together!




Loved collaborating with Kirstin, Cassie and Philip on this piece, i done the the first column, Cassie did the second, Kirstin on third then Philip on fourth. The drawing style is on the same wave link which i like because it shows that little bit more professionalism as if this is actually for a short film (Well it will be animated eventually but….), i feel the group has came together and has formed a strong bond. I learn so much from them!

I feel the story is starting so show signs of that a friendship can be made from the most unlikely of people and how one can be too soon to judge a book by its cover.

Techno and Equalizer are too cute together, the size comparison along is adorable!

Hopefully tomorrow everyone will like how our world is progressing!


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