Creative Elements Assignment – Week 7 – Build A World – Sound World Narratives

Today we met up to discuss our own narrative thoughts for the Sound world….

Kirstin’s Narrative:

The Sound world is in a war between the three characters, pop, rock and techno. They fight with their genres to the point the world begins to crack and shatter due to the conflicting vibrations. Then Equalizer (Essentially their God) comes out of the catacombs from her slumber to fix the world and resolve the war to bring back peace to the sound wave world.

Cassie’s Narrative:

Equalizer, a sound being that is fed up with her worlds usual blues music and seeks to find a new genre. The world is then hit by a passing meteor and sends Equalizer into the the vertical caves of the world, she then awakes to find a strange being known as techno that soon befriends her and introduces her to his genre of music.

My Narrative:

The three beings, pop, rock and techno are witnessing their world crumble away until Equalizer arrives and sacrifices herself to heal the world. The three beings in return then use their music to power up their God by synchronizing the music mash thus giving Equalizer life again.

-In the end we drove toward Cassie’s narrative as it has a lovely thought process on how quickly we are to judge yet how that can change to a new, beautiful friendship. I can’t wait to begin drawing for this!-


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