Creative Elements Assignment – Week 7 – Build A World – Time And Motion Research

Looking into storyboards for our worlds animatic, i decided to look into an Artist called Qing Han, she had created an animation called “Night Light” which consisted of an Artist (I believe this must be her in the film) creating fish to fly in the sky with use of a magic brush.

I loved the use of colors and how warm and relaxing the piece was, looking on here Deviant Art page (Click here to view) i found the original story boards for the short film and just had to have them in my blog for research!

Kirstin had found this short film and had shared it to our Facebook group page, i loved how interactive the animators were with their creations. It was a lovely to watch, a bit clique at times but it had the sentimental elements to it that made it worth the watch!

Another animation Kirstin had found, she felt this style and coloring would be up her street which was great, i feel the style was very simplistic and the coloring would compliment Sound world!

Reminds me of an animation by the NFBOC from the presentation Mike had gave us in Design Disourse 1…. Interesting.

“Masks” is a short film created by Patrick Smith, an aspiring animator. I felt inspired by how the characters used no dialog and simply had the ambiance of music to give the observer the chance to empathize whilst watching the short, i felt we could somehow implicate this into our worlds since it is a music based planet and we have not disclosed whether or not the music beings have a language. I felt this could work very well in our project.

This would be another good example of no dialog and just music to capture the emotion of the piece.

-We then bumped into the problem of how could we compose a piece of music to animate along to, i made the suggestion that we could research into music Artists that create copyright free music for aspiring animators to use so long as they’re credited. The others did not seem to like this idea as the question of “would Conann allow this?” frequently came up. I suppose i can question him on this when the appropriate week arrives.-

-Cassie mentioned something about a program called garage band that allows the user to create music on a computer, we could always try that.-

This beautiful piece of poetry was mentioned during our research, DyE – Fantasy, all i can say is watch it but actually watch it, it has quite the powerful meaning behind it. Once you look past the sex mutants and tentacles… *throws up*

-We will begin creating a narrative as soon as possible-


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