Creative Elements Assignment – Week 7 – Build A World – Presentation Day

Week 7, im pretty happy this has finally came around as i was presenting my two chosen Artists, Walt Peregoy and Derek Gogol. I’ve never felt so stupid in my life, not only were all the photos for Derek Gogol’s wrong that not much talking was done on the Artists, i felt pretty bad that we were not up to the level that everyone else has been at these past few presentations…

Next time A LOT more needs to be done.

Also our photography was projected in front of class today, it was nice to see everyone’s individual pieces be shown although it was pretty obvious that Depth Of Field was the common struggle point for some people in the class. I’m not completely sure if the top six images i had chosen were my best pictures although ill let Conann be the judge of that whenever he looks through our blogs in the next assessment.

578498_610477675634055_105800495_n DSCN0045

Texture                                                             Tonality

DSCN0097  SAM_1250

Light                                                                  Composition


Depth of field

-These are my chosen images, now that i look back on it that the depth of field was a lot weaker than i thought and i could had used a more better example.-


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