Design Discourse 1 – Asian Animation

Chinese Animation-

“Long before the fifth generation film stunned the international film world;”

“school”: A group of Artist that share the same goal of that of a particular leader.”

Wan Laiming- 

Havoc In Heaven – 1961 -1964 (84 Minutes) 

-Adapted from the novel Journey To The West

This was a traditional piece of animation and shows a strong sense of Asian culture.

Golden Era – 1957 – 1977 

Te Wei- 

Where Is Momma? – 1960 

-Based on the narrative to teach children the knowledge they need in life

-Very Monochromatic

Cowboys Flute – 1963 – (20 Minutes)

You can notice that in this time period that Te Wei’s animation and drawing style has started to mature and evolve into a more colorful, fluent style.

Modern Chinese Animation 

Chinese animation began to show more of a narrative to its modern subject and involving more wider topics.

Studios covered wide topics such as Anti-war, love, depression, human sanity. Some of these studios we know of are…

  • Studio Ghibli

Founded in 1985 and has produced 20 feature films to date but were mainly produced by Miyazaki (Born 1941) and Takahata (Born 1935).

One of my favorite pieces from Ghibli Studios would be the Grave Of The Fireflies, an anti-war Film that was not short on showing the reality of what happens to the innocent victims of war, children.

This led us to discuss the main characteristics that are shown within Asian animation:

  • Death
  • Monsters
  • Violence
  • Machinery 
  • Love
  • Mythology 

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