Creative Elements Assignment – Week 5 – Build A World – Tonal Sketches

Today we met up to do tonal sketches in our books for the sound world to get grips on how the world will look and so as we wont be doing completely different things to the point its not in sync~


I started by drawing out some thumbnail sketches while using past project workers Even and Phoebe’s designs as we all agreed to like theirs the most and felt they had the right mixture to drive the world forward.

The world being a giant equalizer and thanking these musical beings inside dancing to the various genres made by the world itself we stuck to the buildings that would move accordingly to the beat of the sounds.


Doodles on the “City”


Character designs influenced by Kirstin


-Some additional sketches made through out the the group meeting- 

When i got home i attempted some digital tonal pieces…



I felt an improvement after the past lectures from tonality with Conann, it certainly was fun to build up these two paintings!

-Still need to work on my lighting though-


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