Creative Elements Assignment – Week 5 – Build A World – Group Switch

Another presentation day already, the weeks are going in very quick and i don’t know if that should scare me.

I am now in the Sound World group and i’m eager to see how this week goes as we explore adding color to our tonal pieces!

We also have a newly formed team with members Kirstin, Cassie and Philip! I’m so excited to work with these students as their work processes are very motivating and are over all lovely people!

Conann gave us a lecture based on color and how to apply it to a tonal piece and showed some examples of warm and cool settings in a piece of work, examples would be of the concepts in Prince of Egypt by Artist Nathan Fowkes, theses are some of his concepts from his blog which you can read by clicking “here”

After the lecture i was left with a better understanding to the rules of “warm and cool” tonal paintings and how important it is for setting the mood in animated films.

-With our world being heavily music based i would say a lot of warm colors-


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