Creative Elements Assignment – Week 5 – Build A World – Group meeting

We met up to compare our drawings from over the weekend and here are some of mine listed below…


Starting of with the tonality thumbnails i began to look into my chosen circles of hell, Fraud and Violence.

playing around with my tonality thumbnails by manipulating the various shades of grays and whites i came up with these four concepts to base my future refined pieces on and even to capture a since of how the circles of hell would look like, right now i feel these at the time were very empty and pretty boring to look at and it did not give the feeling of “hell”.



I was thinking that violence could have floating islands around this barren landscapes with a building in the middle which could be the home of violence the snake God.

I was heavily inspired by limbo when drawing out my concepts for this week, just the darkness and mystery it had really drove me to create these. It also helped me with my initial problem with tonality.


I thought on a close up to the building that would have an unsettling ambiance to it with the chaotic flames bursting outside the roof, this is open to change with the group or future project workers.

2 (2)

I then thought how the interior of the building could have trapped souls inside that got lost inside and then got turned into snakes that serve violence. The more you destroy the closer you get to the next ring of hell!

1 (2)

Me and Cassie had to also fix one of the circles of hell Treachery due to a team mate being absent although it was not a huge loss, we had fun working on A3 pages collaborating together! 





When drawing out Fraud i felt like the Fox god could attempt to trick people into thinking they are being led to the exit of his circle but in reality the victim is being led deeper into the fraudulent forest.


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