Design Discourse 1 – Canadian Animators Presentation With Mike

Canadian Animation from 1939 to present day:

-National Film Board Of Canada

Artists that stood out for me during the presentation

Norman Maclaren – 1914 ~ 1987 

“Known to animate on film using techniques such as scorching, scratching and painting.”

Boogie Doodle – 1941 

  • One of the most rewarded Canadian animators of his time

An experimental piece that creates a rhythmic, brightly colored film!

Neighbors – 1952 

  • An anti-war film

“Uses a film technique called pixilation, an animation technique using live actors as stop-motion objects. McLaren created the soundtrack of the film by scratching the edge of the film, creating various blobs, lines, and triangles which the projector read as sound.” – Wiki

Jeff Hale 1923 – 2015 

The Great Toy Robbery:

A very controversial piece and frankly i could not understand due to the speed of the voices, only thing that made me laugh was the sheer surprise from what some characters had said!

Thank You Masked Man – 1915

Similar style to the masked man although this cartoon is more light on the comedy and not so controversial.

Ryan Larkin – 1943 – 2007

Walking – 1968 

  • Employs a variety of techniques such as line drawing, color wash and was intended to capture the spring full steps of youth in contract to the tired treads of the elder.

Caroline Leaf – 1946 – Present

The Street – 1976

  • Oil painting on glass which was risky yet a unpredictable animation as everything was so free and fluent.

-I felt lucky to have been informed of these Artists, especially the likes of Ryan Larkin and Norman Maclaren as different their styles may be i feel i can take inspiration from their work in animation and both drawing, i love how free and fluent their pieces are!-


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