Creative Elements Assignment – Week 4 – Build A World – Finalizing Concepts

-Today i went into University to meet up with the group at the Student hub, only Emily has arrived and its starting to be a recurring pattern for the group not to come in together, not gonna lie its hindering us as a team and the ability to take this world to its full potential for the group switch.- (I predict another on the spot presentation) 

I done some more sketches of the Time-Keeper on paper along with with some side notes explaining some of its traits, Emily also commented while i was sketching that maybe the Time-Keeper could a an Asexual race that don’t require male or female reproduction, i liked that idea as it meant we did not have to worry about drawing breasts and dirty man junk to identify two individual sexes.


I thought maybe the God like being could have magic properties to help it travel through the universes, also it would help people understand how it can put things into its hourglass world, Emily seemed pretty keen on this so i decided to go ahead with with the idea. Also i wanted to sketch out some other poses of the Keeper to get used to drawing four arms instead of two, i love the four arm idea. When i look back at it now its apparent that the four arm idea is inspired by Rebecca Sugars animated TV series, Steven Universe with particular characters such as Opal and Sugilite.

Also done a head rotation of the Keeper and a x-ray of its skull just because i had so much fun drawing him! 


(The side profile is U.G.L.Y though, no offence Time keeper….)

Emily also suggested we could give the Keeper multiple joints in his arms to he could be a lot more flexible with handling his hourglass world and also in a means to multitask better. (I really loved his idea as it gave me the impression of a spider)


Also went further into the Khanaka design and refined him to be more complimentary with his anatomy


Felt like this creature will be the main inhabitant to the world as it has lived the longest ever since it was put there by the Time Keepers.


Gave the world some more logic to it to make it more appealing for the group to think of the possibilities that could be put inside it.

-The group needs to come together and focus more personally, i may bring this up tomorrow.-


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