Creative Elements Assignment – Week 3 – Build A World – Character And Creature Designs

Today i decided to look into my book and pick two of my favorite designs from the day Mike had asked us to design characters from thought out, simplistic shapes.

The Time-Keepers:


A design that followed from one of Emily’s character designs, the time keepers, i liked the idea that they could be a owner or even a god to the creatures that live inside the hourglass. So today i went further into the concept and refined the the beings anatomy a little more just to give it the out of world look we are aiming for.


I took inspiration from H.R.Gigers drawings of the human body were he would usually give them a dome shaped head and a emaciated looking body that stood slender with elongated limbs, i loved those traits from his pieces of work and especially in the design of his most priced creation, The Xenomorph from popular sci-fi franchise ALIEN.

I wanted to make the character not look human so i decided to add extra limbs and give him digitigrade legs to exaggerate he is not from Earth.

When i added a layer of clothing to the design he started to look more mysterious as you could no longer tell he had digitigrade legs and if he hid his arms well enough along with that hood he could pass as a human from a distance although i would imagine that would be hard considering this design would be considerably tall compared to a human.

His head pieces are for breathing and enhancing sight whilst peering into the hourglass.

The Hourglass Creature: 


I was going to refine the creature to the right although when i noticed Niamh’s creature design on the wall and how it has adapted to heavy gravity was truly interesting and i thought it would be a shame to scrap this so i took his and drew up my own interpretation of it then today i wanted to refine it and show some dynamic poses such as how it runs with all its limbs.


I gave it a beak like mouth so it can shovel away sand whilst it dug in its home world, i wanted to exaggerate the shoulder blades as its a recurring theme in a lot of my creature designs for some reason, i think it would make animating them that little bit easier whilst expressing the movement of its muscles and so fourth.

I may come back and tweak its face tomorrow as i feel it could be changed to compliment its bulky appearance. 


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