Design Discourse 1 – Essay


(Yuanyuan discussing the essay stages)

Today Yuanyuan gave us a presentation on how we should start our research into our essay topics then started to show us some historical Artists,

Walter Ruttmann – “After the war, that it made no sense to paint anymore, unless painting could be set in motion.”

We were shown one of his pieces called Lightplay Opus 1 which was released in spring 1921

Which brought us to the movement of Dynamism, a movement that captures all the dynamic movements in one frame to speak,

In the 20th century, cinema was ignored by a lot of people including those at universities and art colleges

Cinema had offered that motion that Walter Ruttmann was looking for, he sees music as a paternally movement form for his cinematic pieces.

Eggeling Trid was also mentioned on how he discovered which expressions would and could take form under the various influences of “opposites” such as, little against big, light against dark and so fourth~

Here is one of his cinematic pieces called, Diagonale Symphonie

Hans Richter was a German cubist painter that experimented with various pans and zooms with shapes to create a poetic piece called Rhythm – 21 which was released in 1921

Len Lye was considered to be the first to create an animated film with his piece Trade Tattoo on which he stenciled abstract patterns onto documentary footage that was discard by film makers~

-I find Yuanyuan absolutely lovely, she is awesome and easy to warm up too, i cant wait to have more lectures from her!-


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