Creative Elements Assignment – Week 3 – Build A World – Character Designs

Today i met up with Meabh and Jonathan to do some doodles on what our world could inhabit. We liked the idea of a time keeper that looks after the hourglass and could be considered a god to the hourglass creatures or maybe the creatures inside the hourglass are the keepers pets?

I saw one of the body designs from the past group workers of what a creature inside this world could look like and decided to add toward the design to give it a finished look, i added the face and tweaked the body shape to work with the amount of limbs he/she has, as stated; the gravity of this world is unknown but if its strong, i say this design would be pretty good for it.


We then thought about the time keepers and went with Emily’s initial design and add our own interpretations toward it, we still need to see Jonathan’s and Emily’s but i’m sure they will have amazing contributions when we next see them!



Then we started to think about the actual hourglass again, i thought maybe the hourglass does not need to flip but maybe the flow of sand is slow and the barrens are created by this alien like creatures, the keepers maybe use the monsters inside to attack other planets or a way of defense from enemies.

(The Hourglass keeps the monsters from aging?)

-We really need to be more commutative with the group, its hard to bounce ideas of each other when replies are an issue…-


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