Creative Elements Assignment – Week 3 – Build A World – Group Switch

Today we came into class and Conaan wanted us to prepare to stand up and explain our worlds and what the theme would be, where is it? What is it? Who could live there?

I wanted to capture everyone’s presentation for my blog as reference so if am ever in a different group that we could reflect at these videos and compare any major changes that will come in future;

Sound wave world:

Raindrop world:

Pottery world:

Marble world:

Hell world:

Human anatomy world:

Hourglass world: (i’m in this group now)

Crystal world:

(I felt we all did pretty well getting our pitches across for our groups, although with some feedback i feel we need to go beyond Earth to make the projects more fresh i suppose?)

When we got back from a lunch we had a presentation on character design and the elements that make a good character.

Some pointed included:

  • “Think about your audience. Character design aimed at young children for example, Pocoyo is a typically designed around simplistic yet colorful themes to capture the eye of learning children”
  • Where will the design be seen? SIZE MATTERS
  • Make it appealing, distinctive
  • Smooth vs Sharp line designs for characters and how this could identify the good guys from the bad
  • We also went into Tim Burton’s character designs and how his mentality disorders may influence the designs he comes up with for movies such as beetle juice and classic animations such as Nightmare Before Christmas.

When we were done with the presentation, Mike asked us to come up with two designs each for characters that could possibly be in our worlds:

IMG_0356 IMG_0356IMG_0355

I felt my designs were pretty weak although i did prefer the slender creature with the black eyes and ominous stare as i think we are deciding to go with a scary theme for the Hourglass project.

-Tomorrow i plan to do some concepts then meet up with the Group-


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