Creative Elements Assignment – Week 3 – Build A World – Finalizing Our Idea

This morning we got together and started to finalize our decision that we are going to go with the theme of a organic world created from living organisms from Earth such as a flower and inside that flower lies a civilization depending on where that flower is located whether its a harsh or luxurious environment.

After the blog talk from second year we went to the library to look at some books in which could aid us to the next stage of designing on what the world could look like, Phoebe and I found the The Illustrated Book Of Trees & Shrubs by Eleanor Lawrence and Vaclaw Vetuicka, when reading a passage stuck out to me on section 7 about the roots. “With a structure of several thick roots growing downward at an angle”, i felt this could be interpreted for a city of “structured” roots for a civilization of root creatures to travel in and expand their world as the roots grow further down the Earth.



Building apon the idea of tree like structures we found the Artist Patrick Dougherty, you can read about him on Phoebes blog, give her a read, great stuff!

Here are some Images of Patrick Dougherty’s work~

Johnathan had then mentioned the Yggdrasil, a tree that centers at the Norse cosmology and that connects the nine worlds. I had no idea what this was so i had to do a wiki search on this thing and found it was pretty similar to my idea doodle with the separate cities but with a center core holding it all together somewhat like Yggdrasil.

-I Personally did not find this idea relevant toward our world design although i still found it a great read on Wikipedia.-

Yggdrasil Wiki


After some thought we came to the conclusion that a tree world would not be original so we went back to some of my initial first hand photos and thought maybe something like acorns or pine cones, Phoebe also mentioned tumbleweed worlds or maybe Seaweed world?



If someone could tell me the name of this plant above that would be great!



We began to look at a found book called the Hidden Beauty by France Bourely, a book of photography dedicated to the microworlds on Earth, i was truly blown away by how alien things look when under the microscope



We felt we could build upon an earlier idea dump called the Moldy Forest and incorporate it into our organic world as a possible environment for our plant world.

Here are some books we looked at but got no inspiration from sadly….


-So as a whole, we have came to the finalized conclusion that our world will be a world growing from a plant, it will have an organic civilization and a Moldy environment.- 

-I’m really enjoying our progress, lets hope our tutor will also like the idea. I get nervous thinking he may not like it although i must have faith in our team, we done pretty good hatching our little world!-


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