Design Discourse One – Briefing Talk


Today Alec gave us a talk and break down of the Design Discourse One Briefing, we will be introduced to the key historical and contemporary movements theoretical frameworks and research methodologies associated with design for interaction and animation.

Also mentioned that we will develop research, writing and presentation skills whilst learning the relationship between practice and theory, i’m so excited to get the chance to learn how to use the various software’s such as Maya, it will be hard although that’s why i’m here in University of Ulster, to learn.

Here is a overview of the brief although it was mentioned it subject to change in the following weeks~

Week 1 – Induction

Week 2 – Intro to module & library introduction

Week 3 – History & Theory: Pioneers and Absolute Animation in Europe / Academic Writing Skill 1

Week 4 – History & Theory: Animation in Canada (Mike) / Academic Writing Skill 2

Week 5 – History & Theory: Animation in Asia / Academic Writing Skill 3

Week 6 – Disney and Pixar Animation – Guest Lecture coming in

Week 7 – Maya basics – Assignment: Animation Principles | Draft of essays

Week 8 – Animation Principles – Squash & Stretch. Pose to pose vs straight ahead, timing

Week 9 – Animation Principles – Ease in/out, anticipation, arcs, appeal

Week 10 – Animation Principles – Follow-through & overlapping ac;on, secondary ac;on, exaggeration

Week 11 – Animation Principles – Feedback session

Week 12 – Presentation: Anima;on Principles work



Animation Principles

– I personally cant wait for what is in store for this module, i hope to learn a lot from Alec and Yuanyuan. –


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