Creative Elements Assignment – Week 2 – Build A World – Coming together with the theme

Today we met up at the Student Hub to discuss our worlds theme, it seems we have all settled on the idea of a micro world that has beings living in objects such as curled leaves, flower buds or the knots of trees.

I decided to go further into this and research some worlds that could influence some of our designs:

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs:

I felt we could take some elements from the Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs series such as the food world that has creatures in it that are food themed, my particular favorite would have to be the Cheespider, a creature made from a cheeseburger and 8 fries as legs.

(Here is the wiki to the Cheespider’s bio)

The British Gas Advertisement – Worlds in the Ad’s:

On our Facebook group page i noticed Phoebe had uploaded some research of the British Gas advert was mentioned and i felt it would had been perfect to include with our worlds, we could take the organic plant live of the first hand research and apply this concept to them. I feel it may make an interesting design process with mixing and mashing earths plant life to create a world from it.

Microworlds Margherita Dessanay And Marc Valli – Book:

Méabh uploaded some research from the book of Microworlds by Margherita Dessanay and Marc Valli, after looking at the i personally felt we should go with the Microworlds theme, inside a tree lies a world for example with cities and civilizations for example. I think we could even get some prospective photographs to make small objects such as a flower seem colossal to its surroundings.

– I feel we are starting to get more into the design refinement on what our world is going to be, now i feel like we should do some doodles of what the world could look like, i will upload some to a smaller blog and voice my opinions on the design doodles. – 


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