Creative Elements Assignment – Week 2 – Build A World – Inspiration

As part of our first task tonight we decided it would be good to gather inspiration from secondary sources to bring in tomorrow to help add more to the window of opportunities of what our world could be~

After an hour of searching the web i found some pretty interesting “Worlds” that could influence our project…

The Insect Pit (Peter Jackson’s King Kong) – Insect Pit Scene

I hate Mondays.

When i first saw the insect pit watching the movie for the first time seeing how dormant it was i assumed it was going to be an inactive scene with some filler to make the film longer than what it needed to be but then out of nowhere the inhabitants started to emerge from the cracks and holes from the pit, i was shocked at how some of these creatures had looked very alien compared to the common species we would see in our world although when looking back on it now the creatures fit perfectly in their home with all the vines to make transport relatively easy for the insects, caves to hide and strike their unsuspecting prey and tar pits to capture and overpower any unfortunate soul that stumbles into the trap!

My favorite part of the clip would have to be around 1.10 when one of the sailors attempted to climb the pit but succumb to the awaiting crab like creatures ambush, truly a horrible way to go!

The Hunger Games Gamemaker “Worlds” – Gamemaker Wiki

When watching the Hunger Games i found it fascinating that these Gamemakers got to control the arena, choose what the animals done toward the contestants, alternate the environment and overall play God as they watched people struggle to survive which was essentially their game, their rules. Not only that, the Gamemakers could also splice creatures into their own designs that including humanoid DNA.

My favorite quote from the wiki is a truly terrifying way to sum up these Gamemakers:

“They also unleash lab-grown mutations into the arena to add another obstacle to survival. These have included carnivorous squirrels, monstrous ape-like creatures and giant wolf-mutts which aside from being extremely dangerous, have a profound psychological effect on the tributes. They can also alter day and night, where the water flows, temperature, and many more environmental things. The Gamemakers also operate the extensive surveillance system in the arena, ensuring the tributes are being watched constantly. In the case that the Gamemakers dislike a certain tribute they can easily kill him/her off, as seen with Titus.” – Gamemaker Wiki

(Titus is a deceased Hunger Games contestant, woops, spoilers….)

Méabh Gilheany decided to create a Facebook for us to send each other website forums to help us with inspiration, i feel like this will be perfect to help us gather our thoughts together before moving on to the next step, i’m loving how commutative we have all been toward each other so far!

Akinobu Izumi  – Tiny Worlds In A Bottle – Akinobu Izumi’s Etsy Page

When I saw Akinobu Izumi’s tiny worlds in a bottle i was screaming inside my head from the quirky authentic value the pieces had, i absolutely love the concept of tiny worlds kept in bottles, kind of imprisoning but could being contained in the bottle help preserve the life, who knows?

  • Could the bottle have its own designed eco-system for people to observe in?
  • What would happen when opening the bottle?
  • Are they aware they’re in a bottle?
  • Does it have to be a bottle?

(Jordan just buy one, just one…Maybe two for, research.)

Rushes – Tiny Worlds – Rushes Website

Looking at the video i feel there could be some inspiration that comes from this, imagine a smaller world civilization that lives among larger beings essentially cleaning up after them, perhaps attempting to save the world from pollution from waste. Kind of like dung beetles, but cooler.

– I think i will call it a night and go back with some of the things i have found and see what everyone else has gathered, i probably will go out for a walk tomorrow morning to see if i can get some first hand inspiration from my surrounds.-


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