Creative Elements Assignment – Week 2 – Build A World

Today was the start of our first brief “create a world” sounds exciting and broad enough to voice a lot of ideas, i can’t wait to get into the processes and see everyone’s results!

For the most part Conann (Our animation lecturer) gave us a presentation explaining the bases of the project and some words of advice, some of which that were rather reassuring although i need to make sure i don’t let my current team down, make sure you don’t hold back on any potential ideas Jordan. *Have confidence*

I was added into a group of four, Phoebe Long, Méabh Gilheany, Jonathan Nugent  and myself. We began to brain storm our initial thoughts on what is a World and what could sustain life?

A few images of today’s brain storm, i loved bouncing ideas back and fourth to the others and getting excited when thinking on certain themes! Its too early to say what we will home into yet although the ideas are interesting so far.

Ideas anyone?
Ideas anyone?

Some of the ideas on the board include:

During our time of jotting down ideas we decided to set a task for tomorrow to go home and search up some inspiration that could go towards our world, i plan to find some stuff of my own personal interest in hope that we can all collide our inspired ideas to conjure something special!

-Will upload an extra blog with tonight’s research-


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